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How are we doing?  

We currently have a total of 42 Community Small Groups where 529 people in the body of Northwest are connecting with others who live close to them.

Of the 42 groups, 17 are new - having just started in February 2005.

We are still looking for people who are willing to lead groups in the following zip codes:

  • 75209

  • 75229

  • 75230

If you are interested in leading one of these groups, or starting one in your own neighborhood, please contact Dianne Miller at
214-368-7092 ext. 186 or

A Reminder for Our Leaders


In a growing church and ministry like ours, we are always looking for new leaders.  Please keep your eyes open for people in your      groups who show leadership potential and let me know about   them.  Remember the goal is to multiply our groups so that we can effectively connect every person in the body at Northwest. 



Upcoming Events

April 24
Leadership Training
(for all current leaders)
CLC Quad A, 4-6pm


May 15
Celebration Dinner
(for all current leaders)
Dovie's Restaurant
in Addison, 5:30pm

September 11
All Community Group Members Dinner
(Focus: Community Groups)