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Clothes Closet & Food Pantry

The ministry goal for our food pantry and clothing closet is to provide a mobile and on-site source of clothing, toiletries and food to community agencies and individuals in Dallas. We have a growing group of volunteers who are expanding the food pantry and clothing closet to include weekly hours of operation and outreach drives into the community.

Volunteers who participate in church-wide clothing and toiletries drives can then help coordinate delivery of the items to agencies and people who need them.

The official kick-off begins in September.  Volunteers are needed for the following areas: 

  • sorting and stocking clothes during the church-wide drive

  • publicity--creating posters/ads for each drive

  • delivery drivers—taking items to the agency after the drive

Volunteers may sign up individually or in community groups or Sunday school classes.

For more information contact Ashlyn Lewis 214-739-2711  or