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Resources for Community Small Groups


Leadership Training Resources:

February 2005: Worship

Recommended Books:

  • Community That Is Christian, by Julie Gorman

  • The Prevailing Church, by Randy Pope

  • Leading Life Changing Small Groups, by Bill Donahue

  • Making Small Groups Work, by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

Audio Tapes:

All tapes are from the Small Groups Conference 2002 at Willow Creek and are available in the Community Office.

  • Moving From Meeting to Moments

  • Enlarging the Net: Assimilation Strategies for Connecting People

  • The Role and Responsibilities of a Small Group Champion

  • Birthing New Groups

  • Starting Small Groups in Traditional Settings

  • Character of a Leader

  • Growing Your Small Group Emotionally and Relationally

  • Creating Authentic Community

  • Basic Training For Coaches

  • Intentionally Shepherding Children


Small Group Studies:


Spiritual Formation Series from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Hard copies are available in the Community Office.

  • Integrity

  • Identity

  • Community

  • Ministry

  • Life Change Exercise

  • Life Story Exercise

  • Life Vision Exercise

  • Life Inventory Exercise


Pursuing Spiritual Transformation from Willow Creek
Complete Study Series (Fully Devoted, Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Giving)


New Community Bible Study Series

  • Exodus: Journey Toward God

  • Acts: Build Community

  • Romans: Find Freedom

  • Philippians: Run the Race

  • Colossians: Discover the New You

  • James: Live Wisely

  • 1 Peter: Stand Strong

  • 1 John: Love Each Other