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Your Wedding


Your wedding is very important to us, so we hope that these wedding procedures are clear and helpful in planning your special event.


A Christian marriage is a spiritual union with God that is intended to be a visible expression of the relationship that God has with the Church, which is the Bride of Christ.  (Ephesians 5:25-27)


Our prayer is that your ceremony will bring glory to the Lord as you begin your new life together as husband and wife.
Scheduling Your Wedding


Scheduling of your wedding begins with a meeting with our Wedding Coordinator. Members of Northwest Bible Church are given priority in scheduling.   A member is one who has gone through a membership class, agrees with the NBC Doctrinal Statement, has been interviewed by an elder, and has worshipped here regularly in the past 6 months (Bi-laws). Upon availability, non-members may schedule their wedding four months prior to their event.     


Reservations for weddings, rehearsals, rehearsal dinners and receptions are not entered permanently on the church calendar until the bride and groom has met with the Wedding Coordinator and given a $200 non-refundable deposit.


 No wedding may be scheduled during Easter Week (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday), Missions Conference (February), Memorial Day Weekend (May), July 4th, Labor Day Weekend (September) or the day after the Fall Fun Festival (November.) The period from Thanksgiving through New Year holidays will be reviewed for members only on a case-to-case basis and will depend on availability of staff and facilities.  During this holiday period the fee will double.  Church decorations as set for Sunday services may not be removed.


Weddings are scheduled on Friday at 7:00 pm and Saturday at 10:00 or 11:00 am, 3:00 or 4:00 pm, and 6:00 or 7:00pm.  Receptions are allowed after the Saturday weddings only and are limited to 3 hours.   Any changes of times of rehearsals and/or dates of weddings must be coordinated with the Wedding Coordinator.


          Choosing a Minister/ Premarital Counseling


It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to secure a minister to perform premarital counseling and the wedding ceremony.  Premarital counseling is a requirement for marriage at NBC.  Any minister outside Northwest Bible Church must be approved.


            It is customary to give the minister minimum honorarium of $200.


Couples living together (both member and non-member) must submit to the following policy in order to use our facilities: separate residences and sexual abstinence until the wedding date. They must also meet attend our Marriage Equipping Class or other similar premarital class before the wedding. 


Wedding Hostess Responsibilities


A Church Wedding Hostess is assigned to the bride in a timely manner.  However, you may still wish to engage the services of a professional wedding consultant. An outside consultant must confer with the assigned Wedding Hostess regarding church policies, logistics and times of arrival and departure of bridal parties and suppliers.


The Wedding Hostess and/or Reception Hostess prepare a detailed facility request giving the requirements for the event.   These forms must be returned to the Wedding Coordinator one month prior to the event.  Therefore, you must get the details of your event to your hostess in time for her to prepare and either she or you submit the facility request.  If this form is not submitted one month prior to your event though scheduled, your set up may not occur.


The Wedding Hostess assists in preparing the order of the wedding service.  She is available at the rehearsal and is on site two hours prior to the wedding service and remains on duty until the bride leaves the campus.  She is responsible for coordinating the arrival of suppliers with the Wedding Coordinator or Facilities Coordinator.


 The Wedding Hostess in consultation with the Wedding Coordinator is empowered to represent the church regarding your wedding at the church. 



Rehearsal Dinner/Reception Hostesses


A Hostess is assigned to the bride and her family for either a rehearsal dinner and/or reception in the Christian Life Center.  She supervises the use of our facilities and is available to consult with set-up information and decor for these events.  She supplies the bride with information regarding tablecloths, dishes and services such as dishwashing.


Outside caterers may be used for these events.  A deposit of $150 and a signed agreement from the caterer are required by the church one month prior to the event.  If the kitchen and facilities are left clean and in good condition, the $150 deposit will be returned.  Caterers are responsible for set-up of the tables with linens, dishes, silverware, rented linens, bussing tables during reception, putting away left over food.  Should refrigeration or other storage be necessary prior to the event, permission from the Facility Department must be obtained.  If the caterer wishes to use the stoves and ovens special permission must be given by the Facility Department.


The caterer must clean any equipment used in preparation of the event.  The caterer must dispose of food left from the event.  No alcoholic beverages may be served on campus and smoking is not permitted in any building. 


     Northwest Bible Church Fees


The Wedding Coordinator provides a current list of fees for weddings and receptions. Upon registration for an event, a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is due to hold your date and a $250 facility deposit is requested.  The bride will be invoiced one month prior to the wedding for the balance of the church fees.    All fees, including the facility deposit, must be paid three weeks prior to the wedding.  A separate payment for nursery services must also be paid three weeks prior if requested.  Payment can be paid out in installments if desired.

Cancellation Policy


            If an event is to be cancelled, the responsible party must contact the Wedding Coordinator three weeks prior to the event.  This will ensure adequate time to reach all effected departments and individuals.  If the Wedding Coordinator is notified by this time, Northwest will reimburse the full amount already paid with the exception of the $200 non-refundable deposit.  If notification is given later than three weeks prior, Northwest will keep 50% of the total cost to cover any/all expenses.


Your Rehearsal


Your designated NBC Wedding Hostess will begin the rehearsal promptly at the designated time and proceed in an orderly manner. Rehearsals will begin on time even if all members of the wedding party are not present. You may have either your Minister or Wedding Hostess conduct the actual rehearsal.


A Thursday night rehearsal is available from 5:00 to 6:00 pm only.  By 6:00 pm, all wedding party and help will be ushered out, regardless if the rehearsal is finished.  Therefore, be sure everyone arrives in a timely manner and are willing to listen and cooperate with the Hostess.  Also, absolutely NO DECORATIONS OR STAGE SET UP will be allowed or moved on Thursday (this includes the stage extensions for Sunday services. 

All rehearsals are to be completed within one hour and Friday rehearsals are scheduled for 6:00 pm, or 7:15 pm. Musicians and vocalists should meet for rehearsal at a time other than the wedding rehearsal.  Using the Worship Center for rehearsal requires the approval of the Facilities Coordinator. Otherwise, the Worship Center may not be available. It is the responsibility of the bride or groom to contact the Wedding Coordinator should an additional rehearsal with the musicians or vocalists be needed. This needs to be scheduled well in advance of the ceremony or the Sound Tech may not be available. There will be an additional fee for this rehearsal.


It is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to provide the Minister with the marriage license during the rehearsal or before the ceremony.  A marriage license may be obtained from the appropriate county office.



             Music suitable for the marriage ceremony directs attention to God. All music from the beginning of the prelude to the end of the recessional should be appropriate for a worship service. The Minister of Worship must approve the music selection.  The music selection must be submitted to the Minister of Worship no later than one month prior to the ceremony.  Because your wedding ceremony is a worship service and celebration before the Lord, your music selections should be appropriate, dignified and worshipful. Your special love songs may be played at the rehearsal dinner or reception.


Pre-recorded music is only allowed if the soloist requires it for accompaniment.


Instrumentalists and Vocal Soloists


Should you need a pianist or other musician, please contact the Minister of Worship.


 NBC has a very fine organ that is a combination electronic and pipe organ.   We recommend hiring one of the approved organists listed at the end of this document.  However, in the case that these organists are not available, any other organist will need pre-approval prior to the wedding.


The Minister of Worship can assist you in selecting a soloist suitable for the music selections made.  Fees for vocalists are paid directly to the individual prior to the service.  The bride or groom should provide the soloist with copies of the music, as well as provide copies to the person playing the accompaniment.  Transpositions or arrangements of music desired by the bride or groom are not the responsibility of the organist or pianist.


Sound Tech Functions


Our NBC trained Sound Technician will provide a standard set up for your wedding ceremony. Only NBC staff technicians are approved to operate the A/V equipment. Anything beyond a standard set up of 5 microphones will need approval six weeks prior to your ceremony.  The media fee changes after 5 microphones and needs approval from the Media Manager. PowerPoint and video will only be allowed at the discretion and approval of the Media Manager and will require an additional technician and fee.


            The Sound Technician is also available for rehearsal dinners and receptions for the use of our sound system and PowerPoint/Video equipment.  Arrangements for the use of our sound system for rehearsal dinners and/or receptions must be made with the NBC Wedding Coordinator three months prior to your event.  A list of media fees is available upon request.  Additional fees will be added in the case of short notice or additional work.  In the case of short notice, a Sound Tech may not be available. 


Videotaping of Your Wedding


Videotaping of your wedding ceremony may be done with existing lighting in the Worship Center.  The videographer may not stand on the stage and must have approval of the location of the camera.



Flash photography may be done in the Worship Center until thirty minutes prior to the wedding service, after the ceremony and only during the processional and recessional. As weddings are worship services, no flash photographs are permitted during the ceremony.   Under no circumstances may the photographer move about the stage area or around the Worship Center during the ceremony.  The photographer may take photos from the balcony, without a flash and as quietly as possible.


Floral Decorations


Floral arrangements, decor for candelabra and other decorations may be placed on the stage area with approval of the Wedding Hostess.  Florists must arrange to have their decor in place two hours prior to the service.  Decor items must be removed immediately after the ceremony and photographs have been taken.  Florists are responsible for picking up their equipment on hour after the ceremony.  NBC is not responsible for storing the rental equipment.


 Any candles other than the Paradise Candelabra need approval of the Wedding Hostess or Wedding Coordinator. Aisle markers and bows are permitted without the use of tape, tacks or nails.  Care must be taken to avoid wax on the wooden floor of the stage because a fee will be charged for spilled wax. Therefore, we ask that the floor beneath candelabra be covered. (No floral arrangements or candles are allowed on the piano.)


No aisle candles are permitted. Only silk floral petals may be thrown inside the Worship Center.



Northwest Bible Church Nursery


Nursery facilities are available when approved by the Nursery Coordinator and reservations for the number of children anticipated must be made one month in advance of the wedding. The fee for use of the nursery is a minimum of $100.00 for ten children and will be paid directly to Northwest one week prior to the wedding.




  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the church facility.

  • Alcoholic beverages, including champagne toasts are not permitted. 

  • Dancing on campus is not allowed.

  • For safety reasons throwing rice is not allowed.  Only bubbles, birdseed or rose petals are permitted outside.  

  • Northwest Bible Church assumes no responsibility for lost, misplaced, or items left unattended in our facilities.

  • Please make sure all personal items are removed from the dressing rooms prior to your ceremony if there is a wedding after yours.

  • The wedding party assumes TOTAL obligation for damages to the buildings and/or


  • The campus closes at 10:00 pm and the premises must be vacated by that time.


Staff Directory


Wedding Coordinator - Carrie Cassell  972-661-5702 

Minister of Worship - Kirk Voller   214-368-7092, x152

Media Manager - Scott Miller   214-368-7092, x109

Facilities Coordinator - Ryan McCreery   214-368-7092, x420

Marriage Equipping Class Voicemail - 214-368-7092, x421

Weekend Facility Phone - 214-549-0113


Suggested Organists


Wedding Organist - Susan Sipe  214-341-0185

                             Kevin Chamberlin   302-236-1276