Pre-Marital Equipping
Sunday mornings, 11:00 am
$50 per couple

Spring Class starts February 5

Marriage Equipping is an 10-week class designed for pre-engaged or engaged couples. The class is held twice a year on Sunday mornings. There are two Sunday evening sessions as well (dates to be announced).  Topics include biblical model for marriage, expectations, finances, sexual intimacy, etc.

Our teaching model consists of instruction from the teacher, small group discussion and couple discussion. 

Prepare / Enrich Testing
This instrument designed to determine individual and couple behaviors. Couples receive One-on-one counseling from a mentor couple.

Biblical Basis
Learn about the biblical model for marriage. Study the major commands given to men and women. Discover what the Love - Submit relationship really means and how it is designed to play out in daily life.

Discover and validate expectations of each other in areas that include the Wedding, Honeymoon, Finances, Lifestyle, Sex etc.

Look Divorce straight in the face - study the root causes, examine factors that contribute and develop a plan to avoid this human tragedy.

Communications & Conflict Resolution
Find out each other's love language and how to speak it. Study basic conflict resolution tools and how to apply them

Study principles of financial management. Learn budgeting principles; discuss different financial instruments and the risks associated with them.

Men and women discuss these intimate issues separately. This class deals with how men and women approach this topic and focuses us on what God has ordained.

There are two class potlucks designed for fellowship and instruction and Q&A with a panel.

To register for a Marriage Equipping class, contact Jenny White at 214-368-7092, ext. 421 or

Leadership Team:
Al & Dolores Hardin


Marriage Enrichment
Sunday mornings, 11:15 am
$15 per couple

Spring Class starts February 5

Marriage Enrichment is a ministry designed for married couples that desire to enrich their marriage and glorify the Lord through small group interaction. Groups meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and the courses are offered twice a year.

Our hope at Northwest Bible Church is to become a safe place of community where we can discuss our successes as well as our failures as it relates to life and our relationships.

We desire to encourage couples to grow individually in their relationship with Christ and to learn what it is to be a Godly husband and a Godly wife. Not only will our marriages be stronger, but also our families, the body of Christ and our communities.

Strengthen your marriage, through small group study and discussion in a small group format. Already many couples have been blessed by reading and interacting in small groups using books such as:

The Christ Centered Marriage
Rocking The Roles
Song of Solomon

In the future we would like to add a group that has the blended family in common.

To register for a Marriage Enrichment class, contact Jenny White at 214-368-7092, ext. 421 or

Leadership Team:
Tom & Mary O'Dwyer
Doug & Ruthie Voller