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Podcast Set-up


Getting Started

Podcasting is a way of using your computer to automatically download audio shows to your iPod (or other player), so that you've always got something new to listen to. It's an exciting alternative to radio, because you choose what shows you want to listen to, and when and where you want to hear them.

Getting started with podcasting (PodCast) is easy. All you need is a computer with an Internet link and a portable media player. You can also listen to podcast's right on your computer.


If you have an iPod or a media player which uses iTunes click here and follow directions.

iTunes 4.9


If you have a media player that does not use iTunes click here and follow directions.


iTunes 4.9

Step 1: Download iTunes 6

Download the latest version of the application by clicking on the link below.

iTunes 4.9 (PC Version)
iTunes 4.9 (Mac Version)

Step 2: Podcast on iTunes 6

Now that you have installed iTunes the hard part is over. The next step is to locate the Advanced heading and select "Subscribe to Podcast".

Click the Advanced menu button

Click on the Subscribe to Podcast


Copy this URL:


And paste the URL into the "Subcribe to Podcast" window.



Once you have subscribed to the PodCast, you will notice the most recent episode will have begun to downloading. You will also have the option of downloading previous episodes by clicking the get button.

Click the Arrow next to the Podcast name. This will expand the menu to show all the previous sermons.





To automatically sync files to your iPod, you'll need to use a podcast client. iPodder is a free client available for Mac OS X, Windows & Linux. This tutorial shows you how to download iPodder and configure it so you can sync shows to your iPod.

Step 1: Installing iPodder

Download the latest version of the application by clicking on the link or by clicking on the appropriate image below.

iPodder: Click here to download

Linux Download OS X Download Windows Download


Select the right platform and you'll be taken to page where you can choose a download location. Select the closest server to download from:

Once the download is complete, find the iPodder installer and open it.

This will open the iPodder installer and install.

Step 2: Using iPodder

Open iPodder from Start or the desktop icon.

There will be a couple of "feeds" or PodCast set up by default. Feeds are text descriptions of podcast shows, and they give iPodder the information it needs to know when new podcast's are available.


Adding the Sermon Feed

You can add our sermon feed by clicking the green button with the + sign on it, this is the "Add New Feed" button. This button is found in the "Subscriptions" section.


Add New Feed

When you clicked the "Add New Feed" button you should have noticed a window pop up that looks similar to the picture below. This window is the "Feed Properties" window where you will ad the URL location to the sermons feed. Copy and paste the link below into the URL area of the "Feed Properties" window and press the save button.


Pod Receiver

When you click the save button the window will close and you will notice in the "Podcast receiver" window a subscription to our "Northwest Bible Church - Sermon Podcast". You will want to click on this subscription.

Once you have clicked on the "Northwest Bible Church - Sermon Podcast" link you will notice that multiple options will appear in the "Episode" window. Now, check the sermons you would like to download.


Check Selected Feed

Now that you have checked the sermons you would like downloaded, press the "Check Selected Feed" button. Now the file will begin to download and be placed in the "Downloads" section.


Downloads Section

You will then see the episodes that have been downloaded.


Step 3: Sync & Go

When iPodder is done downloading, it will create a playlist in iTunes, listing the podcast's you've downloaded. It will be named with the feed's name, making it easier to keep your podcast's organized. Click on the play button, and you can check out the podcast right on your computer:

Now that the podcast is copied into iTunes, you can use it like any other audio content. Sync & Go!


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